Coffs Harbour 2030 Themes

The Coffs Harbour 2030 Plan is a plan for the whole of the Coffs Harbour community.

It outlines what we, as a community, need to do to make Coffs Harbour more sustainable by 2030 and beyond. The plan was developed for the community by Council, as required by the NSW government.

There are five themes in the Coffs Harbour 2030 Plan:

  • Learning and Prospering: “We are a prosperous and learning community” - This part of the plan involves education (formal and informal), business and jobs.
  • Looking after our Community: “Our community is healthy, informed and engaged” - This part of the plan involves safety, health, recreation, social inclusion, arts and culture, young people and children, diversity and cultural heritage.
  • Looking after our Environment: “Our natural environment is protected and conserved for future generations” - This part of the plan involves biodiversity, natural resources, renewable energies, climate change, environmental education, Aboriginal cultural values and walking trails.
  • Moving Around: “We are moving around easily, safely and sustainably” - This part of the plan involves roads, public transport, cycleways and footpaths.
  • Places for Living: “Our built environment connects us and supports us in living sustainably” - This part of the plan includes housing, buildings, parks and public spaces, facilities and rural communities.