Eos Shared: Morning tea with John Bennett

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Saturday, 12 August 2017 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Photographer and poet John Bennett's exhibition 'First Light: From Eos to Helios' is running at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery from 7 July - 12 August. Throughout the exhibition visitors will be inspired to experience Eos for themselves. Artists, writers, thinkers and nature lovers are invited to join John for a morning tea on the final day of the exhibition to share and discuss their own experiences of Eos. Bring your work to share or just join in the discussion about your feelings, thoughts and inspiration derived from the solitary period at the beginning of each new day.

John says, "When I take a photograph I try to listen. The point of being in a natural environment is in being there. These photographs are pointers to show what you are probably missing. Eos is the Greek god of the pre-dawn, sister to the sun god Helios, granddaughter of Gaia. Experiencing Eos gives some sense of our ancestors’ experience of waking to a world before farming, roads or cities, before writing, wheels, electrify or algorithms. Eos is an opportunity to become intimate with the traditional elements of earth, air, water, light, life and death. Awakening our aesthetic appreciation of nature is vital so that we can find a way to reconnect. Even a city has birds, trees, moths, flowering weeds and Eos."

This event is FREE however we request that you register via the gallery website for catering purposes.