Third Annual Blueberry Field Day - Considerations for new Blueberry Farm set-up

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Friday, 2 June 2017 - 9:30am

This field day at Central Bucca Road will demonstrate those lessons that have been learnt from previous farm set-ups, such as:
- Avoiding Soil Erosion & Wash-outs
- Blueberry row lay-out for adequate turning space
- Buffer zone to waterway
- Creek zone vegetation and weed control
- Netting systems
- Dealing with snakes and other animals caught in bird netting
Speakers: Jas Benning, grower
Simon Proust, Soil Conservation Consultant
Tom Damaschke, Snake specialist, WIRES
Phil Santos, Bush Regenerator
Pia Dollmann, Native vegetation management
RSVP to Coffs Harbour Landcare on 6651 1308 or via website: