Reach My Hand

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To all those who let life (or not) steal the answer….
A white waters edge a mountains ledge, the whispering breeze fetches….no answers. Through trouble, explodes a thick smoke episode. It takes life and calm by chance. The crushing echoes and bellowing cries with a flash of mellow and eerie eyes. Over and over through my mind…never kind, yet they say never mind. There’s never enough, but in time a sharp taste of red wine to bring dizzy days in play…..that’s no crime. I’m just running free, hiding from you, can’t you see….just searching. My heart screaming to be me. A voice from faded dreams travels through light streams in beautiful irregular time….capriccio beats out a charm, stirs warm imaginings, a soft flow.
Tell me why, if at all, is it clear? I just don’t know. My world stands high…I stand tall below. So deep inside a soft light flickers, a shimmer of light still glows. And my heart bleeds a waterfall. Does it show?