Review of Building Heights and Built Form in the Coffs Harbour CBD

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Coffs Harbour City Council is undertaking to review current development controls on the height and built form of the Coffs Harbour CBD. The study is in its earliest stage, and we are seeking community input to inform Council’s decision-making in advance of any changes being made to the planning controls for the CBD. The study includes getting the input of stakeholders, including businesses and residents. Community input will be important to the finalisation of the recommendations of the study.
The study recognises the opportunity for growth and financial investment in the Coffs Harbour CBD, whilst at the same time seeking to enhance the urban experience for people who shop, work, live, visit and seek services in Coffs Harbour. To learn more about the study and to have your input, visit the website at and register if you would like to be informed of the progress of the project.
A workshop is proposed which will provide an opportunity for you to comment on the study and to discuss various development scenarios with the project team. The outcomes of the study will inform Council on whether changes are needed to the planning controls for the CBD and what these changes might be. Any recommended changes will be subject to further Council process, including the public exhibition of any proposed changes to the current requirements.
Council is preparing a range of information including 3D models to illustrate options for how the CBD might look in the future, one of which is available to view on the website now.

The opportunities to become involved include:
Visiting the website where you can:
• Register for either one of two workshops (see ‘register for a workshop’ section of website) to be held at the Vista lounge at the Coffs CEX, 1 Vernon St, Coffs Harbour
o Monday 18 September 6-8 pm
o Tuesday 19 September 10-12 noon
* Please note that these are two alternative times for the same workshop. It will not be necessary to attend both.

• Give us your feedback by answering three questions via the website (see ‘give us feedback’ section of website). The questions are:
o Thinking about the future of Coffs Harbour CBD, what characteristics of the CBD do you value and would like to be maintained?
o Thinking about the future of the Coffs Harbour CBD, with regard to building height, what would you hope to see changed?
o What other considerations do you think might be important regarding the current and future Height and Built Form of Coffs Harbour CBD?
• Leave a comment on a map contained on the website (see ‘make comment on a map’ section of website)

The study commenced in July 2017 and will culminate in a report with draft recommendations being placed on public exhibition in February 2018. The final report will be submitted to Council for consideration in April/May 2018.

Should you require any more information, please email or call:
Marten Bouma - 02 6648 4657, or Sarah Parbery - 02 6648 4409.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at one of the workshops.