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Become a Cricket Umpire - free umpiring course for females

Cricket NSW is currently offering the Cricket Australia Community Officiating course free for prospective female umpires.

Vintage Train Returns to Coffs

Popular vintage trains return in January 2015.
Coffs Harbour Centenary of Rail Committee announces the return of the popular 90 year old CPH railmotors for the Christmas Holidays.
Encouraged by the sell-out success of the last visit by this historic train in August the committee has arranged to bring this popular attraction back to Coffs for the holiday season.

Urunga View Club luncheon meeting


The next luncheon meeting of the Urunga View Club will be held at 11am at Anchors Wharf Cafe, Urunga on Monday 7th April
The colour will be yellow and the guest  singers will be the Phillapino Ladies Choir from Macksville. Easter bonnets if you can.
Names of guests and any cancellations to Beryl on phone 66 556887 by 1pm Friday 4th April
The mid monthly outing will be a friendship day with sister clubs at Urunga foreshores on Wednesday 9th April.



Healthy Communities is drawing to a close and we have seen so
many changes take place within communities as a direct result of
this project that we wanted to invite interested residents to take
part in a series of workshops aimed at growing ideas, building
skills and building communities. If you feel like you have an idea
you would like to put into action, some skills you would like to
build upon or share, a love of your community and a desire to
support its development, then this could be for you.

Keeping Backyard Chickens


Jade will cover everything you need to know to keep your own chickens healthy and productive. Starting with the first choice – which breeds, what age, how many? Chicken housing, nutrition, behavioural needs, the broody hen and more. Finally the uses of chickens in your garden or on your farm – the digging and scratching they do for you, the manure they provide and the joy they give. Bookings are essential as there are a limited number of places.

Fencing for all occasions


Fencing is the most important land management tool for the grazier and many ‘new’ farmers own grazing animals, be they horses, cattle or alpacas. Many people give up on electric fencing because they find that it costs much time to maintain and can be unreliable. That myth will be ‘busted’ on the day as electric fencing can be cost effective and reliable.

Coffs Coast Sustainable Living Festival


The 2014 Coffs Coast Sustainable Living Festival will be an inspirational celebration of all things sustainable. The Festival aims to engage and inspire you to live more sustainably through a range of engaging and fun activities including performances, stalls, presentations, workshops, open days, food, children’s activities and art. The Festival focuses on all areas of sustainable living including healthy lifestyles, ethical choices, energy saving, backyard biodiversity, local food, water and waste.

Threatened Species Day Marine Debris Art Competition


The Threatened Species Day Marine Debris Art Competition is now open to primary and high school students from the Sawtell, Bellingen, Coffs Harbour and Grafton areas. There are four categories-
 Year K-2 (category 1)
 Year 3-5 (category 2)
 Year 6-8 (category 3)
 Year 9-12 (category 4)

Sustainability Elders!


Facilitated by Dr Charlie Brennan, assisted by Dr Richard Hill. This workshop revolves around a series of live interviews with sustainability elders from our community. It takes 10 000 hours/10 years to become a deep practitioner and our guests are specialists in their respective and diverse sustainability fields. Workshop participants will learn all about applied sustainability from people who have dedicated their lives to it, participate in Q & As and will help in drawing out conclusions from the interviews.


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