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Fencing for all occasions


Fencing is the most important land management tool for the grazier and many ‘new’ farmers own grazing animals, be they horses, cattle or alpacas. Many people give up on electric fencing because they find that it costs much time to maintain and can be unreliable. That myth will be ‘busted’ on the day as electric fencing can be cost effective and reliable.

Coffs Coast Sustainable Living Festival


The 2014 Coffs Coast Sustainable Living Festival will be an inspirational celebration of all things sustainable. The Festival aims to engage and inspire you to live more sustainably through a range of engaging and fun activities including performances, stalls, presentations, workshops, open days, food, children’s activities and art. The Festival focuses on all areas of sustainable living including healthy lifestyles, ethical choices, energy saving, backyard biodiversity, local food, water and waste.

Threatened Species Day Marine Debris Art Competition


The Threatened Species Day Marine Debris Art Competition is now open to primary and high school students from the Sawtell, Bellingen, Coffs Harbour and Grafton areas. There are four categories-
 Year K-2 (category 1)
 Year 3-5 (category 2)
 Year 6-8 (category 3)
 Year 9-12 (category 4)

Sustainability Elders!


Facilitated by Dr Charlie Brennan, assisted by Dr Richard Hill. This workshop revolves around a series of live interviews with sustainability elders from our community. It takes 10 000 hours/10 years to become a deep practitioner and our guests are specialists in their respective and diverse sustainability fields. Workshop participants will learn all about applied sustainability from people who have dedicated their lives to it, participate in Q & As and will help in drawing out conclusions from the interviews.

Backyard Bee-keeping


Develop the confidence to start keeping bees in your own hive and looking after them. Learn about bee anatomy, hive construction, honey extraction, regulations and laws on bee-keeping, pests and diseases.

Introduction to Permaculture


Facilitated by Steve Smith, assisted by Charlie Brennan. See your world with fresh eyes after the Radical Re-design workshop and then consider how to apply it through the lens of permaculture. This workshop is also a stand-alone for those with a particular interest. Steve will cover an introduction to the key concepts of permaculture and design at an individual and community level. Take a walk around town and check out some beautiful examples, then kick off a new permaculture project at the Bellingen Learning Alliance Building space.

Radical Re-Design


Facilitated by Charlie Brennan assisted by Steve Smith. In our quest for better, more sustainable ways of living everything is up for radical redesign. So much that we do is inherited from past times and out-dated paradigms. Participants will explore radical re-design through selected texts and presentation from local crafts-people and their show-cased projects. This is an opportunity to re-design participants’ own projects as well as the new Bellingen Learning Alliance Building. Come away re-inspired!
Cost: $60, includes morning tea

Go Bush! Wild foods and survival skills


Identify wild and native herbs such as chickweed, purslane, fat hen, amaranth and speedwell. Learn how to prepare bulrush, bunya nuts and lemon myrtle for eating and cook wild meats (fish and kangaroo) in clay and coals. Lots of vego food too!
Practice survival fire-making and mat weaving.Pat Collins has 20 years’ experience as a herbalist and is also trained in iridology, reflexology and hypnotherapy. She is a renowned natural therapist, author and teacher and has been caring for the upper hunter community since 1997.
Cost: $75, including lunch

DIY Natural Cosmetics


At this workshop you will learn how to create a natural cosmetic range, including: clays, scrub, cleanser, toner, aloe and comfrey moisturising cream, body butter, nourishing oil, hydrating lotion, nettle hair conditioner and shampoo.
Pat Collins has 20 years’ experience as a herbalist and is also trained in iridology, reflexology and hypnotherapy. She is a renowned natural therapist, author and teacher and has been caring for the upper hunter community since 1997.

Trouble with your garden?

Not to worry, it can't be as bad as this could it? Then again, we have the benefit of abundant summer rainfall.Taken at a remote iron ore mine in WAThe original intention was good but production and mechanical maintenance eventually took precedence, says Michael R.Editors note - good sign though!


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