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Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre MNC

RESPITE SERVICE: 24 hour respite service. Provides information/advice to carers about respite options, plus referral to services. Coordinates short term emergency or planned respite. Purchases respite when there is no alternative. Out of hours service ie. nights/weekends and phone for crisis situations. Also have 16 Consumer Directed Care Packages for Carers of a person who is frail aged or has dementia.

Relationship Counselling - Frances Amaroux

Frances Amaroux has been an individual and couples therapist since 1991.(i.e. over 25 years). Empathetic, open-minded and non-judgmental - she connects to each client with a balance of warmth, humour and deep respect. She balances a practical, down–to-earth approach, whilst also utilizing the unconscious mind, and energy psychology techniques such as Hypnosis, NLP and EFT and the Emotion Code.

She also has a special interest and experience in working with people who have experienced Trauma, PTSD and Chronic Fatigue.

Seek Holistic Health

At Seek Holistic Health, we take to heart your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. An integration of healing techniques and scientific-based methodology supports you in reaching radiant health, preventing dis-ease, as well as healing from illness. When disease and chronic conditions do occur, symptoms are used as a guide to look beneath the surface for root causes.

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